Image Problem

Architecture has been shared with a wider public since the rise of reprography and the printed image for consumer publication in the early nineteenth century. The revolution of serial publication changed the way in which we absorbed and understood architecture, turning it from a physical form into a reproducible visual commodity in two dimensions.

Matryoshka House | by Shift

A matryoshka is more commonly known as a Russian doll: hollow and split in two halves, with each layer containing a smaller figure. Local architecture studio Shift fixed up a run-down townhouse into two high-end apartments, stripping the shell to its bare bones before suspending smaller elements into the tall voids to create a matryoshka effect.

Casa Lautaro | by Felipe Alarcón

It is a prerequisite for an architect to consider aesthetics and structural integrity. Less often considered, perhaps, is phenomenology and tapping into the attachment of place. From his central Chile studio, architect Felipe Alarcón pondered this point for a residential commission in his home town.

Pennovation | by HWKN

An old paint factory has been renovated into a platform for innovation and social engagement at the University of Pennsylvania. The Pennovation Center ‘ideas factory’ has been given a new lease of life as a dedicated social environment for consultation, experimentation and investigation.