Zuzeum | by Annvil

Local design practice Annvil has revitalised a former cork factory, built in 1910, as Zuzeum – a 4,000 sq m gallery for the world’s largest private collection of Latvian art, owned by collectors Dina and Jānis Zuzāni. Over 20,000 pieces of work – including painting, sculpture and design – are spread over two galleries.

A Forest House | by Aquiles Jarrín

Concrete columns, steel beams and vivid greenery define the intervention of a 112 m2 apartment in the historical centre of Ecuadorian capital Quito. Originally built in the 1970s, the building sits in the heart of a changing urban area in which many properties built for housing are being repurposed as warehouses or commercial units.

Matryoshka House | by Shift

A matryoshka is more commonly known as a Russian doll: hollow and split in two halves, with each layer containing a smaller figure. Local architecture studio Shift fixed up a run-down townhouse into two high-end apartments, stripping the shell to its bare bones before suspending smaller elements into the tall voids to create a matryoshka effect.