Parliament Hill | by Woollacott Gilmartin

When architects Katherine Woollacott and Patrick Gilmartin purchased a residential annexe moments away from Hampstead Heath, they did not anticipate the lengthy process required to achieve consent for a new house on the site; Gilmartin recalls a ‘Rubik’s Cube’ of planning negotiations; back-and-forths that delayed the project by over six years.

Stairway House | by Nendo

Design studio Nendo has delivered a private house in a quiet neighbourhood of Tokyo for three generations of the same family; an older couple – and their eight cats – on the ground floor, and a younger couple with their child on the second and third floors.

Ditton Hill House | by Surman Weston

Immortalised by the BBC’s ‘The Good Life’, Surbiton in Surrey is known for its almost stereotypically suburban character. In fact, says architect Percy Weston, the area as “about as suburban as it gets”, and so when his practice Surman Weston was appointed to design a house on Ditton Hill in the heart of the neighbourhood, it looked to the site’s surroundings for inspiration.

Matryoshka House | by Shift

A matryoshka is more commonly known as a Russian doll: hollow and split in two halves, with each layer containing a smaller figure. Local architecture studio Shift fixed up a run-down townhouse into two high-end apartments, stripping the shell to its bare bones before suspending smaller elements into the tall voids to create a matryoshka effect.

Casa Lautaro | by Felipe Alarcón

It is a prerequisite for an architect to consider aesthetics and structural integrity. Less often considered, perhaps, is phenomenology and tapping into the attachment of place. From his central Chile studio, architect Felipe Alarcón pondered this point for a residential commission in his home town.